>_objective : to provide the most forward thinking of [ * ] with tools on the edge. . .

>_tools : touch designer, unity, ableton live, max/msp, 3ds max, maya, ios, android, arkit, unreal, c, node, pd, oculus, openGL, python, adobe, wwise, etc.

[namethemachine] is a boutique software & media development company with a focus on emerging tech and transmedia solutions. Our services range from bespoke applications for live shows, performance, and interactive media installations, to XR software development and asset pipeline management.

Our unique approach to creative development splices the lean, eclectic model of a media production company with the deep technical knowledge-base of a software development team. This allows us to provide innovative product solutions for an ever-changing, evolving, & convergent creative media landscape.

Matthew Davis and Peter Sistrom created [namethemachine] in 2009 to further their own explorations into audio/visual art and in doing so, sought to provide fellow creators with the necessary tools for navigating this ever-converging and expanding new media space.


Matthew Davis is an audio-visual producer, programmer and musician whose passion for music continuously leads him to discover new ways of interacting with performance and production technology.

Matt has spent years inventing show control systems for live music and cultivating interactive platforms for all kinds of experiential real-time environments. In addition to playing electronics for the LA Philharmonic, he has programmed and run shows for Drake, Bassnectar, Banks, Frank Ocean, and The Glitch Mob. He’s also designed & integrated AV systems for Disney Imagineering, Intel, and many others.


Peter Sistrom is a visual artist, designer, and multimedia architect. While studying traditional architecture at Virginia Tech University, he developed design skills while also gaining a deep appreciation for music and visual forms of musical expression. After school and some work as an architect, Peter made his way to Los Angeles to venture deeper into the world of audio/visual performance and interactive media.  In 2011 he had the opportunity to create systems and content for Amon Tobin’s groundbreaking ISAM Live show, solidifying his place in the world of live visuals. He continues to explore technologies and methods used in innovative projects of all kinds.