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Available technology in the multimedia art and performance world continues to grow, enabling a nearly limitless possibility space for creators and performers.  Matthew Davis and Peter Sistrom created [namethemachine] in 2009 to further their own explorations into audio/visual art by seeking to provide fellow creators with the necessary tools for navigating this ever-converging and expanding new media space.


Matthew Davis is a producer, programmer & musician whose passion for music continually leads him to discover new ways of interacting with technology.  A musician since childhood, he graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in economics, then went on to study Music Production & Programming at the Berklee College of Music.  In addition to inventing show control solutions for live events, touring with Drake, and performing electronics with the LA Philharmonic, Matt has spent years cultivating interactive platforms for all kinds of experimental real-time environments.

Peter Sistrom is a visual artist, designer, and multimedia architect. While studying traditional architecture at Virginia Tech University, he developed design skills while also gaining a deep appreciation for music and visual forms of musical expression.  After school and some work as an architect, Peter made his way to Los Angeles to venture deeper into the world of audio/visual performance and art with Matt.  In 2011 he jumped on the opportunity to create systems and content for Amon Tobin’s groundbreaking ISAM Live show, solidifying his place in the world of live visuals. He continues to explore technologies and methods used in innovative projects of all kinds.


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