[namethemachine] created a wide array of real-time interactive visual compositions for the performance portion of Intel’s CES 2018 keynote address in Las Vegas. Everything from simple numeric data displays, dynamic fluid simulations, and animated interactive characters in real time. These visual scenes were informed by data generated from performers on stage, positional trackers on drones, and AI ‘musicians’.

The first portion of the performance showcased musicians playing sensor based instruments. [namethemachine]’s real-time graphics reacted to the nuances of each musician’s playing in both graphic and more artistic forms.

Additionally [ntm] created a pair of highly detailed and expressive characters (ran in the Unity game engine) to portray the visual representation of Intel’s AI musicians who improvised on stage with Kevin Doucette, the musical director and lead musician of the performance.

For the finale of the show a young dancer was surrounded by an interactive fluid simulation and other data display graphics being driven by the positional sensors she wore on her wrists and ankles.


Visuals Team
Peter Sistrom – Interactive Visuals Designer / Director
Vincent Houze – Fluid/flex solver system and renderer
Mary Franck – Procedural tools designer
Lucas Morgan – ArtNet LED Orb control in dance portion :: ImagineX
Eric Mintzer – ArtNet LED Orb control in dance portion :: ImagineX
Dom Davis – Data Graphics and Interactive Assets
Evan Pierre – Data graphics, assets, and general tech
Max Chang – Data graphics, assets, and lead hardware tech

AI Avatar Team
Chelsea Hash – Lead Technical Artist
Devon Chapman – Avatar Artist
Alejandro Crawford

Music Team
Kevin Doucette – Musical Director
Playback Engineer – Fred Carlton :: Nerdmatics
Interactive Music Engineer – Chris Legaspi :: Nerdmatics

Sensors and Data | Intel
Matt Pinner :: TouchTech.io
Adelle Lin :: TouchTech.io
Team at Intel

Matthew Davis – producer
Evan Hembacher – producer

Show produced and directed by Clarity Creative